The House of Hardwood offers a complete collection of Fasteners. Only the highest quality from Quickscrews, Starborn and Deckwise. If you have specific needs please call us or send a message.



We carry a full line of cabinetry, decking, and general woodworking fasteners.

Founded in 1987 as a local wholesaler of products for the cabinet and furniture trades, Quickscrews International Corporation has evolved into the supplier of the most popular brand of fasteners in the industry. Quickscrews has become recognized as a leader in both Quality and Performance.


Pro plug system for wood, headcote screws, deckfast metal screws, wood plugs, smart-bit for wood

Starborn was one of the first companies to recognize that decks have evolved into individualized statements of modern residential living and that the quality of a deck fastener plays an essential role in the stability, the finish and the longevity of a deck.




Ipe extreme and Ipe Extreme4 hidden fasteners, Ipe plugs, Drill n Drive, Hardwood Wrench, Wise Guides Deck spacers.

The Made in the USA DeckWise® flagship decking product, Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastener, consists of an injected mold hidden deck edge-mount clip containing a black oxide steel insert. Known worldwide as the #1 fastener for exotic hardwood decking, this is the “original” patented invisible biscuit deck fastener.



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