The House of Hardwood offers a full array of custom milling services and operations. Our goal is quality and on-time delivery with our millwork.

We range from cutting outside materials, to building prototypes to custom furniture. We specialize in exterior hardwood siding.

Please contact us with any special request or inquiries.

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The following services are offered:

  • Cutting to length
    Sawing - Ripping and crosscutting
    Custom molding runs


  • Timesaver 42" Wide Planer/Sander
    Laguna ts 12" table saw
    16" Jointer
    21" 5hp Bandsaw
    6" x 108" Edge Sander
    Complete Festool Systew
    Drill Press
    4' x 8' Patriot CNC (CLICK)

Milling RATES

  • $120 per hour 
    (partial hours are prorated)
  • $5 minimum
  • $15 minimum outside milling charge
  • $15 minimum for widebelt sanding






  • The Mill is open from 7.30am to 4.30pm.
  • Milling is billed @ $120 per hour.
  • Labor is billed @ $90 per hour for finishing.
  • Milling is never discounted, lumber is!
  • $10 Minimum charge with purchase.
  • $15 Minimum plus time for outside milling.
  • No outside milling between the hours of 12pm - 2pm.
  • No Exceptions!
  • If circumstances permit - we do up to 15 minutes of milling while you wait. If we deem that it will take longer, then it will become a job, and the sales person will give lead-time.
  • We reserve the right to not mill outside material.


We appreciate your understanding! We appreciate your business!

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